Retirement !!! My time is my own – or nearly.

I haven’t posted anything since the inception of my blog – been to busy with work and everything else – work, horse, garden itself,  3 weeks in Switzerland with baby granddaughter and all my other interests. However, Friday was the last day of paid employment and I am now officially a pensioner!  I look at this as a new chapter of my life and am going to make the most of my time; which does not include joining  GOS (golf obsessed spouse) at the present on the golf course.  That may happen when I can’t ride!

I haven’t even had much time to paint since the spring; been too busy making “stuff” with the products of my water colours. (More  later about my new challenge and taking space in a local shop for my craft work). I have started a notebook trying to catch flowers in the garden and different seasons.  I had the most glorious show of iris, which I tried to capture.iris 2

Then I did a few paintings from sketches in Switzerland which I was quite pleased with and will share with you.  (You can’t get away from the Matterhorn – it dominates everything).

zz4    z4zermatt2 

Must dash now but will publish another post shortly.

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