Joining facebook

The youngsters have been on at me to join; something I have resisted until now. So far in the area of modern technology,  I have managed “Skype” and” What’s ap” ; particularly useful for keeping in contact with the family in Switzerland.  Also, as of this winter,  I have a “smart” phone which is a brilliant means of keeping in contact with Switzerland when on the go. I  only have to turn on the phone on to find out, physically, where I am (google map) and what I should be doing (diary reminder thingy)  – may be useful when dementia sets in; as long as I remember to have the phone switched on!  I can Skype with it, check in on Facebook, do currency conversions, check the weather (just in case I hadn’t realised it was raining again!); do all sorts I never knew I needed to do.  I cannot believe the advances in technology.  The first mobile phones we had at work were huge in comparison and you  had to carry the battery pack round with you.  That was the size of a small suitcase.

Anyway,  AS (artist son) set me up with a facebook page at the weekend and I am now trying to get to grips with it!.  It’s a bit scary first off when hundreds of “potential friends” drop onto your page.  All these friends of friends who want to be your friend. Wow…….  From a pragmatic point of view, I do want lots of people to see my “stuff”, especially if I am hoping to sell some at Kitty Keane’s Vintage shop –  so  I will persist.  Facebook really does have it’s place. Yesterday I found someone’s front door key when I was out riding on the hill – so that went straight on to facebook and was “reclaimed” later that afternoon. Fantastic.

map   I am here!

Setting up in the shop this afternoon – so must go and pack “stuff” in the car .   GOS has a match (again) today.

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