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Himself decided to upgrade to Windows 10 this week ……… My blood pressure was really sky high with it last night . The new system doesn’t seem to have synced in my address book, or the recycle bin and now and again there is a “warning” notice about volume control coming on to the screen, which won’t go and is hiding a portion of my work.   After the computer had an overnight sleep this thing vanished,  but is now back again. The system is telling me the audio is fine. Who knows ….. I’ll let it have a little sleep again when I have completed this week’s post!
What is quite exciting is some friends have started “metal detecting” in one of our paddocks and they are starting to discover evidence of the “supposed” medieval settlement that we have always been told existed in the area. We had been led to believe, by a former resident of the parish,  that after one of the great plagues the “village”  was abandoned and in fact “fired” and raised to the ground. We have also been told that there had been some sort of monastic community near the church.   Our parish is reputed to be the largest by area in Wales,  but there is no  existing village settlement  that would have warranted such a large and imposing church;  there is just  a scattering of houses and outlying farms spread across the parish.  Unfortunately, little will be investigated further over the winter, but we have said to the Rector if there is anything worth showing we will make a little display to put in the Church. So watch this space ……..


The  colour of the countryside over the last week or two have been stunning.   The woods and hills glow with the ever changing yellow, golds and reds of autumn.   Leaves skitter down the lane in the wind behind me when I am riding out every morning.  The hawthorn  which abounds in the hill boundary fences  is simply laden with berries and there are flocks and flocks of fieldfare  flitting from tree to tree,  feasting on  this year’s exceptional bounty. .

fieldfare        fieldfare

The name fieldfare  (Turdus pilaris), I read, comes from the anglo-saxon for “traveller through the fields”.  A member of the thrush family it travels here from the colder parts of northern Europe to spend the winter with us in the UK.


 I have still been picking a few runner beans as the frost as not yet touched them.  I also harvested our butternut squash this week  and we had our first ” butternut squash and ginger soup” lunch of the season.

From this Saturday, just gone,  my weeks will be well and truly mapped out:  Wednesday and Saturdays, until early March,  will be (weather permitting) devoted to following hounds. As long as the horse will go on the lorry it will be fine – otherwise my blood pressure will be rising again!

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