Made a bit of a change …..

To the layout of my blog.  What do you think?  I thought it was a bit more informal and more”countryfied” looking. I’ll be advised . . . . .


Primroses from the bank. pm©


We now have only 2 ewes left to lamb.  So far we have had lovely big single lambs. I met the farmer who lends us the ram every autumn on the lane in the week and was telling him what good lambs this year’s ram had sired.  He agreed and said he had some good late lambs from the same “tup”.  However, very strangely he reported the tup had vanished from the field with his fellow rams.   No one locally has seen him!  I had the police round as well couple of weeks ago ; an extremely young female officer was driving round to warn farmers stuff has been going awol.  One of my neighbours has had a big cattle feeder vanish.  You can’t slip one of those in your pocket; they are huge!  There have also been farm gates and tools go missing locally.  We now have a “farm watch” sign: yet to be put up on display.

Got my dose of culture this week.  GOS treated me to a night at the opera for our wedding anniversary – “La Boheme”.  It was very good of him because he is not at all keen.  He said after he thought Mimi could have got on and died a bit quicker and saved us all a lot of agony!!  Well, at least  he didn’t fall asleep during the performance, which has been known to happen.prim1


The weather has been extremely changeable again this week.  Proper April showers weather,  including thunder and a cloud burst today.  It snowed quite hard Monday and the distant mountain tops were white all week until day before yesterday.  Wildflowers are starting to sprout up in the verges and the first bumble bees are lumbering around.   Not a great deal done in the garden due to the rain.   Just a few more seeds in the poly tunnel and some summer bulbs put in pots to start them off in its shelter.  The wild birds have been very chirpy round an about and there have been wonderful choruses at dusk on the drier evenings.  We have had jays very busy flying in and in and out of the garden lately.  They are making speedy forays on to the lawn to dig up acorns they hid, just like squirrels, back in the autumn.  They are so clever to remember where they have stached stuff.  Sometimes, I can’t remember,  from two minutes ago, what I have gone into the pantry to get!


Himsel out, so must go and check in the maternity unit. . . . .

PS – twins born 9.30. !

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