Back to normality . . .or nearly



Oak sapling

What a busy ten days we have had with our daughter and granddaughter staying and lots of other family members coming and going (and being fed).  The 23 month old is a delight and so much fun.  She never stops and “Mamma” is commanded to “watch” whatever activity she is currently undertaking.  She also does a lot of “helping”at the moment;  that will wear off when she’s a bit bigger I suppose!  I had forgotten how much fun hunting for snails, to “wake them up”, can be,   (squeals of delight) or digging to look for worms was another favourite passtime this week.  (Good job Mamma has some space in the veg patch).  Bampa has planted her an oak tree on a little island in the stream in the bottom paddock and that had to be inspected everyday when she “helped”  him retrieve his golf balls after practice.  She also helped me pot up some nastursium into big pots for display (all my summer bedding really has to be in pots out of the chickens way!) So perhaps we’ll make a gardener of her yet.  Of course, good weather helped – we have had a glorious week. Lots of “outside” and walks.  We ate out in the garden a fair bit too , which is quite a novelty.  The only rain  was one thunderstorm at night. Our son and his girlfriend also managed to get up from London for the bank holiday weekend so it was quite a party atmosphere.  Little one adores them both which is lovely.


So now the house seems extremely quiet without everyone.  Be even quieter tomorrow as GOS is off marshalling at a three day golf competition.  (Bye the bye. The golf club presented him with a very nice trophy, which is to be engraved, for his recent “hole in one” and better still they have agreed he is insured for the very large bar bill he incurred on the day!)

Anyway must crack on with clearing up from the visitation – first job is to get all the crumbs and bits of food off the back seat of the car, now the baby seat is out,  before all the mess gets ground in to the upholstery. …. will post again shortly.


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