High summer….

And raining again – bonus is I can do a bit of painting or write my blog without feeling too guilty about not being out in the garden working!

I am currently doing a four week painting and  drawing course; just a couple of hours one morning a week.  Consequently,  I am coming away with lots of ideas I want to try out.  I have done some charcoal drawing; a medium I haven’t used since school.  The tutor wanted us to practice light and shade effects on buildings and I have had a go with “gouache” which I have never used before.  Popped into “The Works” and bought a set for all of £3 to have an “experiment”.  Not wasted much money if it doesn’t suit.

Bumble bee on ornamental onions (gouache on paper)

Well, we do have some lovely and very exciting news.  Our son and his girlfriend have got engaged.  Watch this space…….. We are thrilled.

watercolour – alchemical millions and onion heads


It sounds like the wedding here last weekend went off alright and I have been sent a few photos.The Groom looked very smart on his dapple grey horse; in wedding suit and sunglasses!  The men were in tweed like shooting jacket tailored suits  and I think the foxhounds were at Church as well when the happy couple came out. A real country wedding!  Only thing was, apparently, the bride was 40 mins late for the service and the poor rector was tearing his hair out as he had another wedding that afternoon in another parish.  Irritatingly for me, it was, as it turns out, my month for church flowers and my”floral arrangements ” from the previous Sunday had been chucked out by the wedding florist.  I popped up on Friday to , hopefully,  resurrect some of the wedding flowers with a few additions, only to find that every bridal arrangement had been blanketed with moss.  There was crumbling moss, earth and stone dust along with dropped petals everywhere.  There were only a few gerburas worth saving.  Took ages to clean up the mess left with a small dustpan and brush and an inadequate sweeping brush with a wonky handle! As I was there longer than expected I then had to walk home in a torrential thunderstorm.  Note: ask the warden how to put the electric on and take the hoover next time I’m on the Rota.

I do have a temporary companion at the moment.  A friend’s little terrier is with us for three weeks.  She had me up several times her first night here – missing mum I think.  She’s been fine since.  She actually spends quite a lot of her day in bed and definitely does not want much of a walk if it looks a bit rainy out.  She was very good on Saturday, taking her ease in the garden, watching me mowing.  She did have a shock yesterday when a broody hen, momentarily off her nest, chased her round the yard. The chicken also had a go at the cat, who was in her line of fire.  That was brave.  Mind you the little, old cat has slowed up lately.  (The song birds must be relieved – she used to be a bugger for getting baby birds).  Doesn’t help with the vermin control though, that a lot of her day is now spent under the covers of my bed.  She is very sneaky about creeping in.  It can be quite unnerving when the quilt suddenly moves seemingly of it’s own accord if you disturb her.  She been almost sat on a few times.  If you want to catch her and put her out, and you have forgotten to shut the dining room door, she is in there like lightening and up into the back of the piano!  At  which point the whole exercise becomes a waste of time.

IMG_201606172_032531 ah well, the if that’s the way she chooses to spend her days so be it.

Stopped raining – dog to walk …

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