Out with the old … in with the new


Perhaps apt at this moment in time. . . .


The old “hay bob” (ink and wash) – redundant machinery

This bit of old farming kit is sitting, rusting, on our back drive.  Probably hales form the 1960’s:  a relic of a lost world.  Who would have thought back then that farm machinery would have an on board computer and could be guided round a field by satellite in the future.

The whole country is still reeling and confused from the EU referendum result.  Every conversation with everyone you meet starts with reference to that.  Just wish the press, especially the BBC,  would give people a chance to come together rather than keep raking up divisive issues. Enough said  . . . .

Haven’t really got time to write much tonight.  Couple of other projects on the go .. . . . try and do something later in the week.. . . .

Did a quick picture last night of these Common Spotted Orchid that are out on one bank on the lane – fabulous.


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