Honeysuckle and roses….

My garden is a bit short on roses.  They don’t seem to do very well.  Though the few I have aren’t fussed over, they have to get on with themselves.  I expect they would benefit from a bit more TLC.  There is one exception, however; I have a vigorous rambler called “Wedding Day “.  It was actually in the “sale bin” for a couple of pounds when I bought it,  which must have been at least 15 or even 20 years ago. It’s very vigorous, throwing a profusion of trusses of flowers which turn from a creamy gold to white and then as they fade the flowers become mottled with a deep pink. It also has wicked thorns.  It doesn’t really  have any scent.



Rambling rose “Wedding Day”

Unlike the honeysuckle which swamps the entrance from the garden into the “big” field where a great swathe of it spread across an older elder tree and the roof of an old pig sty.  The scent is wonderful, especially if you step outside the house on a summer evening.

Wild honeysuckle

Honey suckle and dog roses twine their way through all the hedges on the lane.  Its really lovely.  If you look carefully down into the hedge banks you will also spot the tiny little red jewels of the wild strawberries.  All ways a great favourite to pick when my children were little.  You did need to gather an awful lot to get a proper taste as they are less than the size of a pea.

Native wild strawberry

I have just started picking soft fruit in the garden which is somewhat easier than foraging the hedge rows.  Strawberries, loganberries and redcurrants are just coming into their own.   Getting under the netting – essential against the onslaught of the blackbirds – is a bit of a fiddle though!. I have also picked the first mangetout and baby broad beans and dug some early potatoes.

I have joined in with a bit of an online challenge – “World Watercolour Month”.  Everyday in July, 31 days, contributors post a water colour painting.  It is fascinating so see the variation in art work being published every day> Anything from from professional artists to children.  We’ll see if I can keep it up!  Only on day four so far.  Need some inspiration – perhaps a little watercolour sketch of fruit??  Anyway it will make the illustrations for my posts here easier – should have a choice of 31 pictures if I can keep up  withthe challenge!

P.S. just had a knock at the door; Hurrah sheep shearers are coming tomorrow.

I have another little challenge on the go as well.  Choir are gearing up for a Gilbert and Sullivan evening.  Extracts from both the Mikado and Pirates of Penzance, whic is fun, but it is an awful lot of new music to learn.  Hence today we “ladies” have an additional practice session.  The “men” have already been subjected to extra rehearsal.  I must say two and a half hours of that much concentration is shattering.  This “little maid” doesn’t feel very bright after I can tell you.  I am sure it will be fine on the night. ……

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