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Talk about two ends of the cultural  spectrum.  In the last week I have been to seen an opera, Rigoletto;  a very special treat. And then last night we were persuaded to go and see “Bridget Jones’s Baby”  with a friend.  I have not laughed so much in ages.  I won’t spoil the story by telling it here, but it is absolutely hilarious.  Extremely different from the fairly preposterous dark and tragic tale of Rigoletto (the court jester)  and his daughter Gilda, who sacrifices herself for the womanizing duke of  Mantua.  Whatever one thinks, in this modern day, about the storyline of this opera, as with many other ludicrous operatic tales, one would have to say  the singing the and the music were outstanding.   It was  only a small, but well traveled, company performing,  but all the singing was tremendous; every performer was brilliant.   “La Donna imobile” has gone round and round in my head ever since.  Absolutely fabulous  and  with just  the support of a six piece orchestra.  The only detraction I could see was the poorly arranged and lit set.  The night time scenes, with lighting just on the performers was great,  but the other was lacking something.  I should criticize  . .  hey  . . .

autumn1It is pretty chilly at the moment with a sharp east wind.  Some days have been clear blue with the red kite and buzzard soaring high on the thermals.  Other mornings have started with a thick autumnal mist shrouding the hedges and fields.  The hedgerows are thick with autumn berries: hips, haws, honeysuckle and garlands of bryony berries.  The cotoneaster  bushes round the house are covered in bright orange.  This is an absolute favorite berry of the blackbirds in my garden (second only to my soft fruit of course).  One lonely pink  lupin has suddenly flowered in a  herbacious  bed; looks very out of place on its own.  There appears to be a second flush of dahlias coming in the pots, so as long as the frosts stay away we should have a bit more colour for a while.  We have started lighting the wood burning fire at night now; an extra layer of jumpers is no longer enough.  ….

Pumpkins and and fireworks are in the shops making it feel very wintery. . . (and Christmas cards etc in some shops – bah humbug)!) I suppose it is only a week til the clocks change.  So now I have started once again with the “winter soup pot” on the go most days.   I have kicked off with pumpkin and ginger; very warming.  As promised I am adding a recipe page to my blog.  So from time to time tried and tested recipes will be added to the page,  which above all (very important to me) will be seasonal, quick and easy.

Please feel free to pass back to me any of your family recipes. . I would be really interested.

Woodland waterfall – PwllyWrach
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