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xmas-cactus1Well the turkey is defrosting (to cook today for “cold cuts” over the holiday).  The greetings cards are hanging in the hall; tree, decorated by toddler granddaughter is standing in the dining  room;  a bit lopsided, covered with every decoration possible.  Holly in place.   Now that GOS and I have collected artist son and fabulous fiancee from the station our second Christmas festivities can begin! ( Train only delayed 20 mins, so pretty good).  I am actually pretty well “mince pied” and “caroled” put it one of the many aspects I love about Christmas.  Once the children are out of primary school it’s one of the best things about Christmas.  The choir sang at a delightful nativity in a local church on Thursday.  Very small children performing and the cutest little “star”, covered from head to foot in an amazing gold costume. The service was followed by mulled wine and mince pies – yum.  Yesterday we had mulled wine and mince pies at coffee time in the shop – courtesy of the manager; followed by more mulled wine and mince pies after a carols at a local eatery later in the evening. (I know what will be on the New year’s resolution list……cut down on cakes and puddings).  We plan to take the youngsters to the local cathedral “nine lessons and carols” tonight as they haven’t had the chance of a Carol service.   At least that will be mince pie free (few calories saved) – but I do love a good mince pie and fiancee has brought some delicious home baked ones with her – full of whiskey and covered in edible glitter!  Oooooh…. just the thing with coffee and prosseco Christmas morning.  (New year is still a week away… I can indulge a little longer).

It has been grey and wet and windy the last few days;  so dark in the mornings it makes me really reluctant to crawl out of bed. However, it was good enough weather wise to run the planned festive children’s fun ride on Monday.  Everyone had made an effort with fancy dress, a couple of the horses really done up to the nines, and guess what we served mulled wine, and hot dogs this time,  on return to the boxes.  Lovely festive atmosphere.

There is another spot of colour in the house as well as the decorations:  my Christmas cactus came into flower a couple of weeks ago.  It is the most vibrant electric pink. Schlumbergera,  a species of small cacti which grows wild in the south eastern mountains of Brazil and brought to this country in the early eighteenth century. Hopefully mine will carry on flowering for a number of weeks yet.  A cheerful bit of colour dispelling the post Christmas gloom.

Christmas cactus

Have a joyful and peaceful Christmas everyone . . . . . .  and all the best for 2017.

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  1. Loved this post. The fun ride reminded me of the Christmas Show we put on at the local riding club every year when my kids were young. Great effort was made with horse and rider costumes – one family with three kids dressed their horse as a camel with the youngest kid disguised as the hump, sitting between the other two! Best wishes from me too🎄🎁🎉

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  2. Meant to say how wonderful the cactus looked!! Pretty dramatic! Mine is still pathetic (I propagated it from one segment a couple of years ago) but hopefully one day it will bloom! I hadn’t realised you’d posted this on Christmas day… you sneak. Had such a lovely time. A very happy Christmas! Love Fabulous Fiancée 😉 xx

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    1. started it before Xmas, added to it after, as I hadn’t time to finish and added picture! Xxx yes wonderful Christmas.


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