Experimentation . . . . .


snowdrops(I have had a bad couple of weeks, which I am not going to dwell on here; that will be another story sometime and it is why I am a bit behind blogging).

  Anyway, after a month of exceptionally dry, kind weather for January, with the occasional snowy blip,  we are back to endless rain and  liquid mud.  “February fill dyke” is correct.  We had a dry slot this morning and I managed to get a pile of washing almost dry – dry enough to come on the airer in the house – and for me to get off up the mountains for a couple of hours with a friend and the horses.  We had to take it pretty carefully on the slopes as it is extremely slippery,  but it was mild and almost spring like in the intermittent sunshine.  The horse loaded into the lorry great leaving home, but it took the two of us, me waving a large plastic bag behind her again to get her back in the lorry for the return trip!  Little madam!  When I got her in from the field tonight she had been rolling in liquid mud and in her outdoor rug looked like something dragged in from the “trenches”.  You could not see the blue of her coat expect for small bit round the edges she was completely covered head to foot in mud.

In the garden despite the mild weather the snowdrops are only now poking up through the grass and the daffodils are still invisible.  I really will have to think about my vegetable seed order and get some broad beans germinating in the poly tunnel.  I must try and do that in the morning, as in the afternoon I think I am helping on the Poin to Point preparation.

I  haven’t picked up a paint brush in nearly three weeks, but last night I actually sat down to have a little “fiddle” and an experiment having been inspired by something a had seen on the internet.  As below – I might try some more in this vein. . . . .



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