The sun is strengthening….

Spring is definitely on the way.  On the days the sun breaks through it is quite warm; although it’s the time of year when every variety of UK weather can be thrown at you in one day, let alone a week.  The daffs are at last showing their leaves and in sheltered spots buwinterhoneysucklds as well.  I walked up to  the nearby churchyard yesterday and the wild daffodils are coming into flower in the south facing areas which are  protected from the worst of the elements by large headstones.  I have a profusion of snowdrops and crocus in the garden and the winter honeysuckle is giving off a wonderful rich perfume. even though the flower heads look somewhat rain battered.



When we have visitors who want an “easy” walk rather than tackling s our numerous and challenging hills we very often take them to a nearby lake, surrounded by a patch of  flat, common land which is grazed by ponies.  A place of legend and history that has been a known settlement for thousands of years.  There is plenty to see as it is now a popular boating lake, has a reconstructed ,”crannog”(a  copy of the 916 defensive dwelling built over the water on stilts) and a variety of water birds to watch.   This inspired my swan illustration  Any visitors  to the lake means “food” to the birds and the swans and ducks jostle to the landing jetty and banks in crowds looking for a “soft touch” and an easy meal.  Great entertainment for our little granddaughter.

Mute swans

Anyway, talking of food, I must pop out and soak some hay for the horse.  I had a new delivery on Friday and the  outside layer of the big bales is quite dusty. It has to be put in hay nets and doused in the stream to lay the spores and dust.  Otherwise the horse coughs and coughs  . . . . .

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