Little lamb . . . . .

Welsh Mountain Ewe

Well, lambing is in full swing now and we are both shattered.  I don’t think I’ll be writing much tonight.  This getting up in the night to pull lambs,  and fiddling around with newborns,   and all that it entails is a bit kn. . . .ing.  The latest lamb born was at about 3 am this morning and  it couldn’t  stand for ages.  It seems to have got going now this evening.  We milked the ewe and bottle fed the baby  the first time so it got some colostrum and it is up on its feet now trying to suck.  Another ewe that was in labour “stole” a lamb from a “first lamber” who just abandoned this “thing” that had appeared out of her:  so in the long run, perhaps that was a good thing.  Getting a ewe to take to a lamb she loathes is hard work.  You have to keep mother and lamb penned up tight for ages and make sure it sucks til she accepts it readily – can take days!



We will just be glad when it is all done with and the sheep are all back out in the fields.

Life has gone by in a bit of a blur this week.  Although I did have a little titter over All Fools Day.  GOS was, initially, so he told me,  taken in by the story in the press of a polar bear being spotted on North Uist.  . . . .  Don’t think he was the only one fooled. . . .

4 thoughts on “Little lamb . . . . .

  1. Fun and games! How many ewes have you got?

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    1. Only ten – but still got three to lamb.

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      1. Lovely, despite everything!


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