One more to go…….

pink fir

Commitments over the last week I have got me a bit behind with my posting, but I am here now. . . .

Only one more ewe to *pop* and we are there!  One large ram lamb was born to a “first lamber” in the early hours of this morning.  She seems to have taken to her baby really well.  Fingers crossed.

We have had friends for a night over the weekend; a catch up from college days.  They had come over to our area from Suffolk to pick up a springer spaniel pup they had bought.  A dear little chap called “Fred”.  He will be a companion to their other shooting dog. “Arthur”.  They had very kindly brought a big bunch of roses with for them me as a wedding anniversary present.  GOS and I were celebrating our 45th!  That apparently is a sapphire wedding anniversary.  In deference to this information I have bought a sapphire blue plumbago shrub for a corner of the garden.

It is a long story but suddenly we have a sizeable patch of ground that needs to be cultivated and eventually planted.  Presently the ground is very compacted and full of large rocks;  very hard work to remove by hand!  Which is what has to be done as anything mechanical would be damaged by the quantity of stone.  Slow job.  But it will be exciting planting the area up from scratch with shrubs.

I also need to get started in the vegetable garden.  Following in family tradition ,I will be getting the early potatoes planted on Good Friday.  I have chosen “Charlotte” to start off this year.  I like Pink Fur Apple for flavour, but GOS doesn’t like them; so little point in continuing to grow them!  After the third attempt, and putting the tray somewhere else, away from mice , I think I will get some broad beans.   There are peas germinating as well.

Good Friday is also the day for my choir’s next performance.  We are doing a concert in one of the local churches for charity.  All very challenging music.  Our MD has been working us until quite late on practice nights.  I am sure it will be worth it in the long run.

We have had a dry and fairly sunny week weather wise.  The verges are starting to look very lush – full of yellow dandylion, celenadines. The cow parsley and bluebells are starting to shoot up in sheltered spots;  all very early.  A great many of the wooded areas against the main roads locally are planted with wild cherry and  with that, and the blackthorn, the blossom at the moment is beautiful and in profusion.  I am never really sure about the council’s planting planning.  Where roads are improved or a by-pass constructed the highways people plant  a lot of trees on the banks pretty close to the road. Very nice; but then they seems to spend an inordinate amount of time trimming said trees back after adandeliondandeliondandelion few years of growth.  A process repeated again and again every few years??


Talking about the Council we have the council elections coming up the first week in May.  It looks like it is going to be a proper contest in this ward for a change!  We have had two of  the contestants coming canvassing already – one Tory and one Independent.   Our ex-MP is also standing.  This could become quite interesting. . . . . .  will keep you informed  . . . .

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