Working holiday . . . .

I  have  just come home having had 3 days on a bird sketching holiday in the Cotswolds.  The part of the UK where I spent my childhood and somewhere I have not been back to for a very long time.  Strange to return as a “tripper”.

Our group of students had intense tutorials in the morning, under the guidance of a brilliant wildlife artist. We spent the afternoons with her in various locations – a bird zoo,  falconery centre then lastly Slimbridge Wetlands centre “trying” to sketch from life. Extremely hard, as the birds are constantly bobbing about!  A challenging few days in that respect.

Great excitement all round the morning I left. Thieves had used a JCB to prise the cash machine out of the front of the bank in the village high street in the night; leaving a trail of devastation behind and the locals with a lot to talk

I will write more in a bit.  The family have just arrived for a few days and things are a little bit hectic ……

2 thoughts on “Working holiday . . . .

  1. The bird sketching sounds wonderful. You must post the results!


    1. Sketching was a bit chaotic but yes will have a go at scanning stuff in on PC…..

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