Autumn days . . . . . .

Suddenly autumn seems to be here.  The trees are everso slowly changing colour and the hawthorn and mountain ash are thick with berries.  Up on the hill in the last few days I have noticed that the bracken is starting to die back;  turning from yellowy brown to a rich russet from the bottom fronds upwards.  On cooler evenings, now with the occasional drift of wood smoke in the air, the “twittering” swallows have been flocking to the telephone wires lining the lane behind the house.  For several mornings it has been quite chilly and there has been  a thick early mist leaving its water droplets hanging in the cobwebs in the hedgerows and on the gorse bushes on the hill.  Although,  by afternoon the air has become quite hot and sultry allowing the nearby farmers to get on and finish the corn harvest.  There is frantic activity up and down the roads with tractors and combine harvesters.

Autumn hedgerow

Yesterday was the annual village show – a glorious hot day – which meant it was an event extremely well supported, not only by the local community,  but by holiday makers as well.  The last holiday weekend of the summer. There is all sorts to see and do at the show : with sheep, cattle, dog and horse showing. Children’s sports.   Competitions of all sorts: produce and baking,  arts and crafts with, this year,  loads of participants in the children’s sections in particular. There is even a class for the longest thistle (there must have been half a dozen 8 footers) and the largest marrow turned in at over 90lbs!  There would be a few jars of chutney in that one.

Once bank holiday has passed the children will be back to school and autumn is really here…..

th (3)_kindlephoto-92397175
Robert Louis Stevenson

3 thoughts on “Autumn days . . . . . .

  1. Lovely post, beautiful artwork.

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    1. Thanks Robyn. Bit OCD with painting….don’t feel unless done a little every day!

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      1. I know what you mean. I’ve recently returned to art and had forgotten how vital it is to me. Another way of being.


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