“*Indian Summer”. . . .

Fallen apples, pyracantha berries, noisy flocks of rooks busying them in the fields opposite, fading butterflies and flowers – October images

We have had a few warm days now with the most beautiful autumn light.  This afternoon the distant mountains looked wonderful in the low sunlight with deep contrasts of sun and shadow.  When I rode out today the whole hill was cloaked in  glowing russet brown bracken interspersed by bright patches of  the electric- yellow gorse flowers and dark-burgundy hawthorn berries highlighted by the bright blue sky above.  I lingered over my ride enjoying every moment of being outside in the sunshine.

Good news on the poultry front we have had six chicks hatch.  We knew a hen was sitting out somewhere but failed to find her until she appeared the other morning with her babies.  She had nested under a thick enveloping shrub in the garden.  She and the chicks are inside now – just hoping we can keep them safe!

I have planted 200 daffodil bulbs against a new wall and done lots of  pruning and tidying in the garden but there is still masses more to do in that line!  Picked the green tomatoes and probably last of the courgettes.  We did have a patchy frost the other night.  Apples  have yet to be picked.  Mowed the grass again this afternoon – still seems to be growing like stink.  However, I am off on “an adventure” tomorrow  and these chores will have to wait. . . .  but more of that to come.  . . . .

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