Remember, remember……

……the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot.


We have been following the new series “Gunpowder” on the BBC, but I am a little concerned about the historical accuracy once I “clocked” the producers had  considerably altered the facts about John Gerrard’s escape from the Tower of London.  He had in fact escaped some eight years earlier than the drama portrays in the reign of Elizabeth I in 1597  …..

Fireworks in this household aren’t to be lit tonight,  but we will save them and have a “bonfire” celebration when the family are over from Switzerland in a couple of weeks. GOS has already started constructing the bonfire. We will also be celebrating our Christmas early when the youngsters are home.  Actually, I am having quite a show of fireworks  at the moment, out of the window,  from across the valley.  They always give me a childish thrill and remind me of my late father who loved to have a bonfire and a few fireworks.

It is feeling a little more “wintery” now the clocks have changed and we have been lighting the woodburner at night as it gets chilly, but some of the daytimes have been glorious; sunny and warm and, as today, crystal clear with views that go on and on across the mountains. We have had no proper frost in this part of the country and the leaf colour continues to impress in its exuberance.  I popped out earlier and gathered the last of the roses as we are promised a hard frost over the weekend.   Riding down through “Castlewood” this afternoon in the autumn sunshine gave a real lift to the spirit; make the most of it I say – the housework can wait!  Despite the warmth of the days at the moment the local blackbirds have already stripped my cotoneaster bushes of all their berries.  If it goes cold they will start on the holly I expect and we will have none to decorate the house for Christmas – again!  …

No time to paint them, but had to share them with you –  fading beauty. . . . .

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  1. Your paintings are so delicate. Good luck with the holly.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Robyn. Enjoy your travels.🌸

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