A couple of practice pieces. . .

I have been pretty busy  over the  last week; for one filling up the freezer for the forthcoming “early Christmas”  ( I don’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen when my visitors are here) and  also getting stuck into a few  painting projects.  I sold two paintings at my Art Group Exhibition (great excitement!)  which was on show when I was away in early October.  Out of that show  came my first commission as well!!!!  This is going to be quite a challenge,  (more of that another time),  but I have had to make a start.

For the last couple of years I have had one of my designs printed up for our Christmas cards and that little project  still has to be completed for 2017 . . . .  with Christmas  creeping ever nearer; so no pressure! I did do a little painting the other night  as a practice piece, as I needed to tackle “Hawthorn” again as part of my one painting projects.  I want some hawthorn in the foreground of a painting I am working on. I may use this little practice piece for my Christmas cards . . .  not sure.  The pine cone I  incorporated into the picture was very complex to paint –  trying to identify which line of the “frills” I had got to… and the depth of shadow. . .phew …


In art group last Friday the tutor gave us a quick “warm up exercise”.  She asked us to paint a washing line out of our imagination.  This felt a bit like being back in junior school, but it was good fun. I guess  this sketch took me about 20 mins  . . . . Every picture produced by the individual members was very different. . . . . some of them would make nice greetings cards. . . .

Blowing in the wind

Anyway I really should get on back to the  kitchen  – got to ice the Christmas cake . . . I planned to make a” Father Christmas” iced cake this year. I thought my little granddaughter might appreciate something a bit quirky rather than “snow” icing with a few models perched on the top – the easiest option!  Perhaps I should post a picture of the finished article; well if it turns out half way decent.

Guess then I will be off line for a couple of weeks …..


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