Snow on snow. . . .

We are well and truly snowed in.   I can’t remember having had such a depth of snow in the 30 years we have been in this property.  10″ fell  yesterday.  We have spent all morning digging a track to the lane in case we need to get out.  The weather forecasters are predicting -12 c tonight.  Brrr…….  Even though I have dug the chickens a patch to scratch about in  and put them fresh water they are reluctant to leave the hen house.


Permanently hungry sheep!  Getting through the hay supply ….. more on order


Updates as we go along.  Lots of wood brought in.  Freezer stocked and we’ll be fine.  Power cuts nearby, but luckily we seem to be ok.  The weight of snow has brought trees down on the power lines.  Did this quick sketch by the fire tonight. . . .

3 thoughts on “Snow on snow. . . .

  1. It all sounds adventurous and even rather romantic.


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