Feeling a little self-satisfied. .

As I have got lots done today.  The weather has at last turned dry and frosty and I have taken full advantage and spent a couple of hours digging over the cleared beds in the vegetable patch.  Another hard frost is predicted tonight; a good freeze should help breakdown the soil nicely ready for some spring planting when the time is right.  The only downside is there is still too much ice on the previously wet tarmac road to be able to take the horse out to ride safely.  A few more dry days and it should clear.  I have asked the County Council yet again for salt…..

GOS and I also had an hour in one of the fields moving some stone from a partially collapsed wall ready for a new sheep proof fence to go up.  The stone will have to be moved altogether shortly, back to the farm yard  by tractor,  for a repair project here.  We have builders coming in to make good part of a roadside wall that has needed attention for ages.  If it continues dry they can make a start.

With the very wet days I been making a start on some much needed redecorating in the house, having a clear out and trying to be ruthless and dispose of “stuff” to the charity shops.  Trouble is if the weather keeps good I will knot want to be inside!  I’ll have to be more disciplined!….



                Gold finches on teasels.                        I have been trying “acrylic” in art group- nearly finished.  I just need  to complete the vegetation.  I must say I prefer working in watercolours, but will persist and see how it goes.





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  1. You feel self righteous? I don’t see it. You seem down to earth to me. Lets hear some outrage! hahahahahah Have a good day. 😉

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