Down in the dumps . . . .

I have been less than my normal resilient self for the last ten days or so.  Whatever the “lurgy” was we picked up it was pretty debilitating and made us both feel “washed out”.  Crawling out of bed to do the animals in the morning was as much as I could manage for a few days.  I should be more like the the little snowdrops which are now resolutely pushing their way up to the sunlight instead of moping about round the house last week feeling sorry for myself!

As soon as I felt up to a ride and went out the first time in days  the horse managed to step on something sharp and cut the underneath of her foot. . . .  it’s really quite tender . . . . .  and she does not like being confined to the stable  . . . . .

Sketch from last year – haven’t done any pictures for days – I haven’t even felt like drawing or painting!


A few crocus are  also peeping out between the heathers on a small bed round my large acer tree.  Tiny delicate little slivers of  purple colour pushing their way through the tangle of old heather stalks.  A promise of spring .

Hopefully a my disposition will improve as well with the sunshine!

I have had my gripe now. . . .  “onward and upward”!

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  1. Poor you… Hope you feel better soon🌺

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