Places near and far . . . . .

It’s a long story, but last week we waved goodbye to our son and his wife who have gone off to Central America for about 4 months.  Currently, they are in Nicaragua, having journeyed across Costa Rica.  It is some awesome trip they have planned….. of course mothers fret!  (I could have managed without the tarantula photo – I am not keen on normal size spiders,  never mind whoppas like that!)  I hope they have a wonderful time and we look forward to the photos and stories on their return. Good old Mum and Dad have the entire contents of the London flat with them here.  Just when I thought I was getting rid of some of their stuff  . . . .

Now I am picking up from the horrible virus  I have been getting back to walking every day. ( The horse is still on stable rest with her cut foot, but we are making progress in that direction as well).


yewMy quick round “the block” walk takes me up the hill and I can take a deviation through the churchyard.  I did this quick pencil sketch of one of the “noteable” yews that grow there.  We have six, all recorded in the “Gazetteer” of the “Ancient Yew Group”.  Apparently, this county has the highest recorded number of ancient yew sites in the UK.  The most amazing trees.





One sunny afternoon I  drove to the  canal,  a few miles west. as I fancied taking some photos to do some work on “reflections” in watercolour at art group.  I had a lovely, if slightly muddy walk,  along the river and back along the tow path.  Anyway, got my photos: the result below – work in progress –


I have undertaken a couple of acrylics in art group lately, but I am happier with the subtly of  my watercolours.


Cropped or not when I mount it? . . . . . I’ll be advised ……….

3 thoughts on “Places near and far . . . . .

  1. I like the cropped version – lovely! Don’t fret about the tarantulas.

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    1. No I can worry about earthquakes now ….

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  2. Hahaha it is always something, isn’t it? I agree~I like the cropped one.

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