Up downs of life . . . .

We are on a bit of a “down” at the moment as my husband is quite unwell and in a lot of pain.  Despite all the current moans and groans about the UK health service all the medics have been as helpful as possible and very supportive.  Thank goodness,  too, for a friend with a four x four who got him to hospital in the snow.

Easter has been pretty dismal and a washout from my point of view.  Easter day itself produced a little sunshine – great for the  kiddies participating in the Easter Egg Hunt in the churchyard after morning service.   Everywhere around is ankle deep in mud if it’s not snowing it is raining,  My neighbouring farmers are really struggling with lambing and everyone seems to have had a lot of “losses”.  I was chatting to a farmer’s wife from up the road and she, poor thing,  was was pretty frazzled – being short of sheds they were lambing in the fields outside in all this wet.  Hopefully, our “lambers” will come back with some babies – long story but we have paid a neighbour to do it for us this year.

Anyway, the birds seem to think spring is on the way.  If we have had a little sunshine during the day  I can hear the larks “trilling ” for all they are worth way high up above the fields.  The old blackbirds have been “clacking” about the garden at dusk.  My chickens are laying like anything.  Consequently,  we have been eating a fair number of omelettes in various guises.  Perhaps, I should put my version of “Spanish Omelette” on the recipe page.

The various tits that are in the garden, robins and the nut hatches are still flocking to the feeder – so that is my picture today.  Bright and cheerful . . . . . roll on summer!


4 thoughts on “Up downs of life . . . .

  1. Very well written. It was a pleasure reading your article as I was reading random articles in the Internet.


    1. You are welcome – thank for dropping by and taking time to comment,🌼


  2. Springs on it’s way (so they say). I hope the other half is feeling better and soon on the mend x


    1. Thank you for the good wishes,,🌼


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