Catching up….



Snowdrop study ©MCL

I am afraid I have got day or two behind with the blog. Since I returned home, the weather,  although bitterly cold, has remained relatively dry and I have been able to “crack on” in the garden.  The early potatoes are planted, as are the first mange tout peas, spring onions, chard and the broad beans set out.  Runner beans, courgette, kale and salad stuff  is hardening off in the cold frame. Plus I have made a start on weeding. Fingers crossed we have no further frosts.

GOS (golf obsessed spouse – for those new to my blog) did run the mower over the grass once whilst I was away, which was wonderful.  It made doing the mowing again this week much easier.  It is an on going summer challenge!  Tomorrow is forecast as wet so I ought to make the same efforts in the house!!

Very , very exciting,  at the moment,  is the prospect of a new stable, tack room and feed store.  Before he was taken ill GOS had been working on converting a run of too small, underused stone sheds.  Now he is feeling a bit better he has thrown himself wholeheartedly back into the project.  Harrah!  He has had a man and a mini digger here the last two days helping with preparation for the drainage and concrete “turn out” area.  Me and the horse have always had to rather make the best of an awkward old building in the past.


from a Lizzie Harper illustration

Work aside, we had a very pleasant evening out last Friday. Periodically,  I attend a “Botanical Illustration” class: tutored by the very talented, inspirational and encouraging Lizzie Harper.  Her latest watercolour exhibition ,”An Eye for Nature”, was opening in Hay on Wye.  Lizzie’s work is  fabulously delicate and detailed.  I would urge you to check out her website:

One of the books she has illustrated “The Hedgerow Handbook” is one of my all time favourite “go to” reads.

I will keep practicing….. when I have time at the moment!

“Pussywillow” – practice piece from last class.




4 thoughts on “Catching up….

  1. Lizzie Harper May 2, 2018 — 8:02 am

    Lovely blog! And lovely pussy willow painting, Im glad youre proud of it, I was really pleased too.


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  2. Wow .. these are amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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