Au plien air . . . . . .

Sketches done this week on  a “Mountain Sketching” day organised as part of a fairly local walking festival. . . .  an incredibly hot and sunny day. I elected to do something sitting in a cool shady spot.  So I had a limited view of the mountains.  It was far too hot to sit out in the sun for long.   I have one more picture which I may add to for another post …..


box tree
A huge ancient “box” tree – adjacent to what must have been an old house on a “drovers” road. it had the most incredible knots and whirls in the trunk and was bent right over.


   “The stile” – pen and wash on cartridge paper

2 thoughts on “Au plien air . . . . . .

  1. I love the box tree drawing, its beautiful.

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  2. Especially love the pen and wash. I’ve never painted in the open. The bugs would beset me I’m sure

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