Royal Wedding bonkers . . . . .

The UK press and TV are having a field day and have been presenting endless garbage all week about the impending nuptials. I am not sure exactly what time the ceremony starts, but BBC coverage commences at 6am on Saturday morning!!   We will be otherwise occupied on Saturday,  but I am sure we can watch one of the many “replays” that will be on TV in the evening.  I am not saying the whole thing isn’t lovely, and it will be a wonderful spectacle,  but the obsessiveness of the press really winds me up . . . (getting grouchy in my old age)!

I decided this week to re-blog these sketches from a bit back :-


Peony MCL©

The peonies (truly evocative of the English country garden) are just starting to come out- together with the ornamental, double-flowered raspberry. ( Must take cuttings old shrub getting a bit  woody). They are named after Paeon the greek god of medicine.

Plus a sketch of one for our American friends – “Oregon grape” is in full bloom  The scent is heavenly.  The plant tough and invasive!  Hell to get rid of.  There were mahonia plants growing up into the dining room when we bought this property.  The roots had come right through about 18″ of stone wall.


Perhaps these sketches are very apposite to the US and UK “special relationship”!

State flower of Oregon MCL©
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