Where does the time go . . . . .

Apologies to all my lovely “followers” that I did not blog last week.  Just could not find an evening to sit down and do it.  I have lots of excuses the main ones being   “football” (soccer) – the first time I have ever made a point of watching it on TV.  Everyone seems to be very caught up in the world cup as England as been performing so well.  Also,  we had our art group annual show last week and I sat for a good part of the three days stewarding: plus, of course,  we had the set up and the clearing up afterwards. (Apart form the morning where I had to attend yet another funeral – all too frequent these days).  So, there was a fair bit of catching up to do at home in the evenings.  The exhibition is held in the Parish Church in the middle of our nearby market town – here is a little peep at part of the show …  The Church has a small and popular coffee shop within, so with that and the improved publicity this year,  the footfall was good.


I think we had about 70 exhibits between us all and most people sold something.   A percentage of the sales and the proceeds of a raffle then go to the church and the “Family Centre” which do extremely good work within the town.

I managed to sell eight pictures and a pile of greetings cards,  which was very exciting and I received a commission to  paint a “hedgehog”!  Something I haven’t tried before – so this is today’s trial run.



I’m really petty pleased with how it turned out.  Apparently,  my commission is to fit a particular picture frame the “client” has, so I am just waiting on the dimensions to undertake whatever it is she wants.  We used to get a lot of hedgehogs in the garden but I haven’t had sight of one for a few years.  One theory is that badgers predate on them and there are plenty of badgers around here.

The baking heat continues here in the UK – Wimbledon without rain is unheard of!  But,  we actually had a thunderstorm this afternoon and the first rain for weeks.  And boy didn’t it rain for a short while.  Very much needed rain – no more humping watering cans  and the hose round the veg garden at night.   The farmers will be relieved to have some respite and the grass should start growing again to provide further silage crops.  We are eating quite well from the garden, but the pea and bean crops are very light.  I suppose now it has rained it will be the battle of the slugs again!

Gosh,  time has run on again now and it’s nearly dark . . . .  better go and shut the poultry up . . . .



4 thoughts on “Where does the time go . . . . .

  1. Just love your little hedgehog. And of course the church hall art shows. They have so much character and there are always treasures to discover.


    1. Thanks Robyn. Just reading about your orchid. What a b……

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      1. Yep! I exercised those expletive muscles for a bit.

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    2. Thanks Robyn. I was just reading about your orchid. What a b……

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