Some rain at last . . . . .

As torrents in summer,

Half dried in their channels,
Suddenly rise,

tho’ the sky is still cloudlesss.
For rain has been falling.
Far off at their fountains;

So hearts that are fainting

Grow full to o’er flowing,
And they that behold it,

Marvel, and know not

That God at their fountains
Far off has been raining!


We sing this piece by Edwar Elgar (Words by Longfellow) unaccompanied in choir.  I love it;  with the rise and fall in the music it really gives the feeling of a sudden summer rain storm.  It’s worth “a listen” on Youtube if you don’t know this piece of music.

We have been baking here with a wild fire on the mountain  across the valley which has been burning unabated for a week  – plumes of smoke clearly visible from the house.  However, after steady rain Friday afternoon, the fire service officially declared it “out” yesterday.  Hurrah!  Still not enough rain for the crops though and not any more to speak of in the weather forecast.  My son and his wife took a lengthy walk across the top of the Black Mountain ridge line last weekend and despite numerous notices about fire risks they said they saw a couple of people  up there with barbeques! Madness.

Last time we had a summer like this was 1976.  We were living on the edge of the river Wye at the time and water levels fell to unbelievably shallow depths.  We could paddle across what was normally a deep, deep stretch of river.

Upper reaches of the Wye

Despite the lack of rain I am keeping the veg going – saving all the washing up water etc.

The courgettes are coming into their own and look very lush.  I must browse a few more courgette recipes so as not to waste them.  If I have courgettes to spare then so has everyone else! The “Squashes” so far seem only to be producing male flowers.  I think it may be because it is so hot.  Anyone know???  However,  great excitement; about 5 or 6 years ago my sister gave me a kiwi plant for ornament really (vigorous climber) and it must be of the self fertile variety as it as set fruit!!!  Only sort of pea size at the moment, but watch this space.  The plant seems to be very thirsty has looked a bit floppy a couple of times so now it is getting special attention and regular water. . . . . .



5 thoughts on “Some rain at last . . . . .

  1. What a gorgeous illustration of the Wye (even at such a low ebb). Love the heron, too.

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  2. Lovely painting of the heron and such low water. I remember the summer of 1976 very well, my first year of college in London, but I hadn’t realised this year was so extreme. There was something very heady about that summer, many memories were formed, maybe the weather was a partner in this!


    1. The long summer breaks from school as a child have sunlit memories but it must have rained? !

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      1. Thats what happens with memories – we remember the bits we want to, or were powerful at the time!

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