Small is beautiful . . . . .

I haven’t had time for anything for the last two weeks.  We have had the “gang” over from Switzerland, which was absolutely lovely – apart from the getting them here due to floods and the fact we have builders in and currently no kitchen!  The usual twelve hour journey took them two days to complete with an unscheduled stop over night in Swindon!  The waters abated, we were able to get to Hereford train station, with only one diversion due to flooding, and from then on we had wall to wall sunshine for the 10 days they were home.

As a treat and a day out we went to a, fairly local, “small breeds” farm and owl centre.  It was a huge hit with the four year old and the adults! There were so many varieties of miniature goats, sheep, donkeys etc., for the kiddies to pet and feed and  also a huge variety of other creatures great and small plus the owl garden. It was a delight.

There were alpaca wandering round at will and this chap was following me about!


Done from a photo I took on the day.  I hope to add some more sketches of other “residents”  in the next week or so  . . . . .  priority at the moment is getting the house straight!


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