Internet access problems . . . .

With us at the moment and now we have come to rely on it so much  to function these days we are a bit stuck when it goes down.  We entirely rely on it to communicate with the family living abroad and so many of our day to day tasks; bill paying, appointments, group communications etc., let alone my blog.

So I have resorted this week to doing what I can towards blogging on my tablet which is picking up a better signal than the PC. This means I am a bit more limited on the “picture” front having to photograph a painting rather than scanning it in.  And typing very slowly with one finger!



This is a little watercolour picture of a spot just up the hill which I completed yesterday in art group.  The Scots pine trees and the collapsed walls indicate it was a marker point for the cattle drovers of past centuries, probably a place where they could rest up before they attempted crossing the Wye with their stock on their way from west Wales to Hereford.  T

3 thoughts on “Internet access problems . . . .

  1. Delightful painting. Good luck with your connection. It can be frustrating.


  2. Your story reminds me of one my grandfather told me of a blind shepherd who drove his flock to market in Middlesborough from Great Ayton in the years before the second world war, which entailed an overnight camp. He slept with his head pointing in the direction of where he was going, so he arrived at market the next day ready to sell his sheep.

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    1. My husband reckons his grandad sold a horse at the first day of a three day horse sale and ended up buying the same horse back on the last day not having recognized it. Grandad stories eh . . .😁

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