Memories of warmer days . . . .

As the rain and the wind howl round the house I am posting a little picture completed at art group this week – worked from a couple of photographs taken on my hill back in September in glorious afternoon sunshine.

There is quite a large group of Welsh Mountain ponies that hang about near this track as you walk on to the common.  It is quite wet in places with large clumps of rush and sedge, but they seems to thrive on it.

edge of the hill

The ponies actually belong to quite a prestigious local breeder,  At the height of the welsh pony “market” back in the late seventies he bred and exported a great many of these little chaps, but now the farmers don’t  turn a stallion onto the common to run with the mares. as ponies aren’t really wanted and sell for next to nothing,  Each spring, of late,  there have only been a couple of foals to be seen.  Obviously,  conceived back at the farm the mares would have been turned back on to the hill to foal.  I guess this way they are only using the best stock for breeding. and showing purposes.    The foals are the most endearing and inquisitive little things and lovely to see in their natural surrounding every summer.  I sincerely hope the hill ponies can be sustained.  . . . . .

PS – I managed to do this on the PC  – bit more internet speed today  . . .


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