Drawing practice. . . . . .

Just a quick  post – I decided I really ought to get in some drawing practice; it very useful discipline! Something I lack.  I am far more likely to rush to get something that takes my fancy  in the moment onto paper and not think about it enough.

So, I grabbed a pair of my old boots and stuffed them in my bag for art group yesterday.  Pretty pleased with the result once I had got the proportions and prospective somewhere near correct; that’s the hard bit for me.



I am sure I will be posting more practice sketches. . . .  one of many new year resolutions  . . . . . . along with daily back/knee exercises, more walking,  no chocolate and biscuits (except Fridays) etc., etc.,  . . . ummmm.

4 thoughts on “Drawing practice. . . . . .

  1. thats a cracking sketch, i must admit, sketching is something i like doing but never get around to doing any. Today, however i am going to study value by colouring in circles from light to shadow.


    1. Thanks Steve, very good exercise you are undertaking and love the shadow box. 🌸

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      1. i have a lot to contend with this coming year regarding colour and painting in general, but i love a challenge..

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  2. Love this. Really good composotions and love the tonality too. x

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