Hungry little birds. . . .

The birds have been ravenous and clearing my feeders pretty well every day. I am having to constantly refill them with fat balls, peanuts and some scraps. I have tried sitting on the kitchen counter top to try and get a photograph of them through the window, but I haven’t had much success. The slightest movement and they are off in a flash. Here are a few paintings recently completed and some a bit older.

I can sit and do a few very quick pencil sketches by the window, but I have had to resort to Pixaby for reference photos to try and do any sort of detailed painting.

There are a variety of birds coming to feed; among which are – tits: great, blue, coal and longtailed. Then nuthatches, woodpeckers, tree sparrows, robins, blackbirds and or course the beastly, bullying magpies from time to time. I haven’t seen a greenfinch or a chaffinch for a few years and we have never had starlings come to the feeders, although they are about now and again. I mostly see them in flocks on the way to roost further down the valley. The marauding sparrow hawk has stayed away so far this winter. Thank goodness.

By far the most entertaining of all our visitors are the comical little tits; hanging at all angles to get at the food; the longtailed tits clustering together in a an agitated swarm.

I know I have written about the birds previously, and I hope you don’t mind me repeating myself! I do get great pleasure from seeing them so close at hand. . . . . . .

4 thoughts on “Hungry little birds. . . .

  1. Love your birds!

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  2. i am not sure whether the bird just give us a guilty feeling, the birds here are always looking for food in the garden but i wonder if they know they will be fed instead of hunting out their own source, they are quite cunning..

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