Out and about . . . .

I thought, as we had some very dramatic sunlight skies in the last week or so, I would get out and about with the camera for painting ideas. It was far too windy this particular day to sit about to sketch, but this is my interpretation of one scene at home in the warm! The sky was fabulous that day dark clouds rolling in broken waves with sunlight between.

Stormy day  on the Hill

This area of land is only a few miles away and is very picturesque with a small lake, now a nature reserve, nestling in a dip in the hill. I must get further on next time out with the camera – up to the forest, where the beech woods are.

WIND IN THE BEECH WOOD – Seigfreid Sassoon

The glorying forest shakes and swings with glancing

Of boughs that dip and strain; young, slanting sprays

Beckon and shift like lissom creatures dancing,

While the blown beechwood streams with drifting rays.

Rooted in steadfast calm, grey stems are seen

Like weather-beaten masts; the wood, unfurled,

Seems as a ship with crowding sails of green

That sweeps across the lonely billowing world.

O luminous and lovely

Let your flowers, Your ageless-quadroned wings, your surge and gleam,

Drown me in quivering brightness: let me fade

In the warm, rustling music of the hours

That guard your ancient wisdom, till my dream

Moves with the chant and whisper of the glade.

4 thoughts on “Out and about . . . .

  1. Love it! You are so gifted.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. There is so much to inspire one out there ……🌺


  2. So beautiful! Love that sky!

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    1. Thank you so much. I was an amazing, continually changing sky that afternoon.


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