Better late than never. . . .


Got a bit behind on the blogging and no real excuses!

St David’s day, 1st March, come and gone and we have had daffodils flowering in profusion.  Some years the daffs are way behind but the warm weather of two weeks ago has brought them into flower early for this area.  

My contribution for a belated St. David’s day tribute – a host of daffodil pictures.

St David (or ‘Dewi Sant‘ in Welsh) was born on the south west coast of Wales, near the present day city of St Davids. His family was aristocratic. He was educated at a monastery and became a missionary, travelling through Wales and to south west England and Brittany to spread Christianity. He is also supposed to have visited Rome and Jerusalem.

David founded a monastery where St Davids stands today. He died in 589 AD and was buried in the grounds of his own monastery. He has been the patron saint of Wales since the 12th century.

I couldn’t quite fathom it all out immediately when I arrived in town last Friday week to do my morning shift at the charity shop; police in numbers walking the streets, a sniffer dog going through the bin bags put ready for collection? Post box sealed off when I tried to post a letter. All in aid of a big military parade following a religious service to commemorate St. David scheduled for later in the day. I had completely forgotten about it. There would have been a few raw leeks eaten on the day. Another St. David’s day tradition!


2 thoughts on “Better late than never. . . .

  1. we only have a few daffs out at present, the snowdrops are just going over and alas we had snow yesterday with this cold biting wind we now seem to have acquired.

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    1. Snap – we had a sprinkling of snow yesterday and in the night. Wild strawberries and violets in the verges are in flower – they’ll have a shock!🍓

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