Frosty atmosphere…

Not frosty outside; quite the opposite, mild, wet and extremely windy, but I am more than a little peeved with the other half, GOS. Frosty in the house! Definitely !

The other morning at breakfast, just before the weather changed, he announced he was going to tidy up the Bramley Apple tree, which in husband parlance means a radical cutting back. However, when I popped out to the garden a little later to see how work was progressing I found him “secateuring ” vigorously at the rambling rose at the top of the garden, which after 25 years now rambles prolifically through two adjacent trees. Creating a fantastic shower of flowers each June.

“Just having a go at this bramble that catches you when you come through the gate ” were his words!

“Bramble” I reiterated “that’s the Wedding Day rambler” “go steady with it please”. “Oooops”, says he.

“I have just sawn it off at the ground”.*******

“Wedding Day” from a previous blog.

Enough said. He has paid for the purchase of a replacement to go against a head height wall. I couldn’t get the same so have chosen ” Handel” , according to the label, a “vigorous climber that flowers all summer”. I reckon he has got off lightly myself! The girl at the garden centre thinks the butchered specimen may grow back, but I guess it will take a good while……

6 thoughts on “Frosty atmosphere…

  1. whether it will grow back depends if he left any actual rose wood, if he cut it off below the graft point it will revert back to canina or laxa wood. I worked at a Rose nursery for 30 years, handel is a beautiful 2tone climbing rose, gets to about 10 feet and will happily support itself too.

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    1. Thanks for the reassurance Steve. It’s as I thought about the graft – fingers crossed🤞


  2. My mother was just like him! We used to call her ROBOCOP! You’ve made me smile 😊

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  3. It’ll grow back and you’ll have another rose to boot – it should work out well.

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  4. Uh oh…..know the feeling!! Ros


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