Little seaside break . . . .

Sizewell beach early morning

We have just had two nights on the Suffolk coast to enable us to go to a close friend’s birthday lunch celebrations. A very long way for a short visit, but a delightful occasion. On the morning of the party we slipped down to the beach after breakfast for a quick walk and watched these fishermen getting their boat in and back up the shingle bank. The sun was shining very low and brightly across the sea making for very dramatic light and which completely silhouetted the figures. I couldn’t resist trying to paint the scene when I got home to put in my journal.

This area is part of the Suffolk Coastal Path which follows the coast for 50 miles from Lowestoft to Felixstowe through a seaside delight of sand, shingle, broads, marshes, and dunes. The path is blessed with an abundance of birdlife and wildflowers.

I took quite a few photos of the beach scenes and beached boats so you may get more “seaside” paintings in due course. . . . . . plenty of inspiration. . . . .

5 thoughts on “Little seaside break . . . .

  1. Love the glimpse of the Suffolk coast through the lense of your paintbrush, thank you! I feel inspired to take a walk along that coast path one of these days….

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment . (Personally I prefer the Pembrokshire coastal path – I’ll have to paint some of that!)

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      1. I don’t know Pembrokshire, but am familiar with Suffolk as I have lots of family living there and have spent many happy times in that place. I also love the Dorset coast path. One day I would love to follow them all, one after the other. Surely it must be possible to walk all the way around the UK? Will have to do some research on that. Thanks again for the nice post.

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      2. Now there’s a thought! (Local chap has just walked up Penyfan 365 times over the last year for charity.)

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      3. Wow! That is a dedicated chap. I hope he raised a lot of money.

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