The birds. . . . . . .

(painted for previous blog)

I know I have blogged about it before, but it always a yearly “landmark occasion”, when I see the first swallow, which I did yesterday!  They are back for the summer to nest, have babies, and make a mess in the sheds and over my hanging washing with their droppings! However, a small price to pay for their presence.

All my local birds seem to be intent on nesting and raising a family and are very busy about the garden. There were bits of dropped moss under the eaves of the cartshed I spotted a few days ago, but for the life of me I couldn’t see a nest??  There are house sparrows scrabbling about in the walls close by, but it is not them that have dropped these scraps of nesting material. No doubt I will discover what is responsible in due course.

When I popped up to our little field below the church yesterday to check the sheep there were a pair of ravens flying round and round being very vocal, continually “cronking “. I believe they must be nesting in the tall trees at the back of the rectory garden. I am glad we are not lambing as ravens can be quite a nuisance attacking the newly born lambs.

Their relations, the jackdaws, are nesting nearby in the church tower itself. A noisy crowd as well.

I have been painting birds again in art group – just for fun. . . .

Pretty little blue tits and gold finches.

2 thoughts on “The birds. . . . . . .

  1. How lovely. We haven’t any Summer visitors yet. I keep looking but it sounds as if they can’t be far away !

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    1. Well he flew round the farmyard all that afternoon and has now vanished! Just passing through I guess don’t usually get our resident swallows quite so early.🌺🐥


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