Instant hit . . . . .

Just a quick post:  I must tell you  . . . . .

I was very pleased, and suprised, to have sold this little painting  (9″ x 7 “) before it was finished; before the paint was even dry!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t scanned in on the computer very well –  rather lost the sky colour – it was a fairly strong cobalt blue  don’t know why ??


For want of anything better to try I thought I would do a painting inspired by the photographs I took on our Suffolk trip a couple of months back.  Looking over my shoulder,  one of my fellow art group people requested it.   Unbeknown to me she collects “boat” paintings???  Can’t fault it!

I should really have taken “progress” pictures.  I started by doing a quite a detailed sketch, to mostly position the equipment on the boats correctly.  I put masking fluid on the highlights on the rails etc and splatted in a few pebbles.  Once I had put a blue wash on the sky I covered everything over, other than the shingle beach,  and flicked on various colours with an old toothbrush and small stiff acrylic brush to give the shingle effect. (that’s the fun bit – seeing how it turns out!) I started light with yellow ochre and ended with payne’s grey and a deep violet.  The last thing to be done were the strong shadows after working in the rest of the painting.

(I must work on something similar again for our July exhibition in the hope it proves popular . . . . . . )

Thanks for dropping by . . . .


Smooth between sea and land
Is laid the yellow sand,
And here through summer days
The seed of Adam plays. 

(From A.E. Housemans’s poem of the same name)

8 thoughts on “Instant hit . . . . .

  1. Is that Aldburgh?? Went there several times and took similar photos of the boats o the beach.
    Loved reading about how you tackled it!

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    1. Sizewell – not far along. 🌺🌺


  2. Beautiful work! 🙂

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  3. It’s a lovely painting, Congratulations on the sale x

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  4. Beautiful serene painting and congrats on your sale! 😀

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