Bit of bad news…..

Peony from an old sketch

Painting and drawing seems to have gone “out of the window ” entirely, along with anything else for the time being, I had a heavy fall from a horse a few days ago and sustained a fractured vertebrae, luckily it is stable fracture and I have been discharged from hospital. Pretty battered and bruised all over, but I am hear to tell the tale. Fortunately I was not on my own and medical help arrived pretty quickly once summoned.

As a compromise to my usual post I am putting up a few cheerful photographs of flowering shrubs and perennials in my garden taken earlier in the month and from which I may have painted. The amount of flower this spring has been fantastic the season really seems to have suited the shrubs in particular. I had been intent on getting a few flower studies done.

I am on my back in bed typing this on the iPad and, even if difficult, it is a welcome distraction, but I am not sure how soon I will post again. I don’t think I will be doing a diary blog of my recovery!

Thanks for dropping by …….. and I hope to be back on form (or at least able to sit and sketch and blog) very soon.


13 thoughts on “Bit of bad news…..

  1. June 8, 2019 — 5:10 pm

    You poor poor thing! How utterly horrible! I’ll be thinking of you over the next few weeks and keeping e everything crossed for a speedy recovery. Poor you! Tons of love XXxX lizzie

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    1. Thanks Lizzie for your kind wishes : very, very sore, but could have been a lot worse!🌺


  2. Get better soon! Having fallen from horses a zillion times, with various degrees of injury, I feel your pain. I suppose, though, like all of us addicts, you can’t wait to ride again 😂

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    1. Eighteen months the consultant suggested! So I think that will be that……😩

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  3. So sorry to hear your news, though it seems appropriate that it is a STABLE fracture having fallen from a horse… I’ve done the same in the past. The trouble is there comes a point when one doesn’t bounce when hitting the ground as one used to! I wish you a speedy recovery.

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    1. Yes,especially as I already have osteoporosis and it was hard surface 😞thanks for the good wishes


  4. A speedy recovery. Painting is a safer pastime – though my stool collapsed from under me the other day – it has since made it back to full health.

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  5. Get well very soon !

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  6. Hei, I am so sorry to hear about your fall and can understand how restricted you may feel at the moment – although I have never experienced it.

    I do hope that your recovery goes well and that you will be up and running again soon.

    Best wishes, Gaynor


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    1. Thank you for your good wishes 🌺🌺


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