“Red Kite Country “…..

I’ll share with you a an 8 x 8 watercolour I completed just before I had my accident . I have called it “Red Kite Country ” in homage to our resident red kite who spend a lot of time in our oak trees or circling overhead. The view was inspired by a photograph I took back in March when we still had snow on the tops. I little north of here.

It is framed up and ready to go for the Art Group Summer Exhibition booked for Wednesday of next week for four days. I am planning, with GOS’s help, to get a selection of pictures there, as I am not driving for a couple more weeks and not allowed to lift. I am pretty sure I will be ok for a few hours on the stewards rota which can be done mostly sitting down.

Lets hope the club gets a bit of publicity and some sales. Good for everyone ‘s morale …….

4 thoughts on ““Red Kite Country “…..

  1. Good luck with your exhibition and recovery with best wishes

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  2. Good luck with the exhibition.

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