A few days of Alpine sun . . .

We have just returned from a few days in Switzerland with the family. A real tonic to see my daughter and granddaughter. The travelling was a bit of a trial, particularly at the moment, as I cannot carry anything, but GOS coped with all our luggage admirably on his own.

I only had a little time and inclination to do a few sketches in my notebook . . . Biro with, or without, a little watercolour wash mostly. The cartridge paper cannot take much of a wetting. I did do the little painting of a geranium whilst sitting on yer balcony one evening. This was on a scrap of watercolour paper and I was quite chuffed to have only sketched in the rough outline of the pot and the merest indication of leaves in pencil before painting directly onto the paper.

As you will probably guess a couple were executed whilst we were in a restaurant waiting to be served! Just a little record of a lovely week with our nearest and dearest in a very beautiful place. Thanks for dropping by. . . . . .


3 thoughts on “A few days of Alpine sun . . .

  1. Great that you sketch at every opportunity. I am trying to get back to achieving more daily. Happen to be in England and have been in friends gorgeous garden sketching. Shall post when I’m back in a few weeks. Cheers Vivienne

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    1. Thank you Vivienne. Look forward to seeing your “garden” posts very soon.🌺


  2. The act of sitting drawing and/or painting makes you consider your surroundings more closely and you get a great souvenir at the end of it.

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