Now for something completely different. .

As I am still in “experimental” mood, I thought, spur of the moment,   I might try some gouache ink “resist” painting.  I was shown how to exercise this technique sometime ago and I have been meaning to have another try at it for ages.  It is not very intuitive as you are working “back to front”.    It is exciting  though, as until the final stage when the painting is  “washed” you are not entirely sure what  is going to appear on your paper.   I will explain . . . . . . .

strata florida
“Strata Florida”  resist with black and coloured inks- done a couple of years ago

(I should have taken photographs of the steps in doing this but I was not very organised and recording for the blog was not in my thoughts at the time. )

You will require waterproof ink, white gouache,  an old, large soft paint brush and other small brushes, good quality watercolour paper and artist”s tape.  A backing board.  Don’t make your picture too big as it has to fit in a sink under the taps.

Step 1.    Stretch and tape a heavy piece of watercolour paper to an non absorbent board. I use an old plastic chopping board.

Step 2.  Sketch your drawing as accurately as possible. I would suggest starting with something fairly simple the first time.

Step 3.   Paint in carefully everything you do not want to be black.  At the finish any bit of paper not covered with gouache will take the ink.

Step 4.   Once the painting is thoroughly dry,  using the big soft brush cover the whole picture in a good layer of waterproof ink.

Step 5.  When the ink is properly dried  run the whole picture under a cold tap in your sink and carefully rub away the gouache with your finger or a soft sponge.

eh viola !  You have a picture . . . . .

Once dry I gave the pictures below a bit of colour with a watercolour wash,  but you could leave black and white or use another medium  . . . .   experiment . . .


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  1. Just love these latest works….especially the cows!

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