September Exercise for art group. . . .

It was agreed in art group recently that for this week we should all participate in a “still-life” autumnal, garden based exercise. Good discipline. People volunteered various items and a few groups of implements, vegetables and fruit were arranged on tables as soon as we arrived. It was a bit pot luck what bits were in front of you for drawing or painting, but I was very pleased to have this old, green watering can on my table. It has so much “character “. I decided to paint rather than sketch because of all the lovely colour. I was pretty pleased with what I achieved in the short time allowed.


“The breezes taste  
Of apple peel.  
The air is full  
Of smells to feel-  
Ripe fruit, old footballs,  
Burning brush,  
New books, erasers,  
Chalk, and such.  
The bee, his hive,  
Well-honeyed hum,  
And Mother cuts  
Like plates washed clean  
With suds, the days  
Are polished with  
A morning haze.  
–  John Updike

The “morning hazes” have dissipated here and we are awash from endless gales. Very depressing after a sun soaked early autumn. The blackberries are going a bit soggy and some of my runner beans are looking a bit wind blown and battered on their poles. . . . . .

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