And yet more views . . . .

Last Sunday I walked from from a place called Pwllpatti, on the edge of the River Wye, up through old deciduous woodland, onto the hills behind to do a short circular walk. It was a bright, clear day and the distant Black Mountains shone out spectacularly with their light dusting of snow. I came back with a few photos I would like to share with you.

When the Wye is full the water filters back into old “oxbow ” lakes and it becomes a haven for water birds. Further down it was teeming with birds, not that I could get very close to them.

Starting to climb.

The edge of the woods.

Back into the woods to the top of the hill.

Out into the open where the farmer has been harvesting bracken for animal bedding.

My path then dropped sharply down a rough track into a dark and densely wooded valley before rising very steeply again following the line of a small stream. Where, I came back out into the sunshine with a different view towards the “Blacks”.

And back down the lane to my car.

My interpretation of one of the views on the way down.

In contrast this Sunday just gone was damp, dark and dreary! A day to sit inside and paint instead of walking. Oh, the joys of Welsh weather . . . .

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