And after the rain . . . .

and a horrendous week of storms the sun came out. (A pity Victoria and New South Wales couldn’t have had a little of our rain last week!)

Despite the dreadful weather GOS and I had lovely time, as planned, spending a greater part of the week close by the family and new baby.

Home now and we have the highest barometric pressure reading in the UK since 1957 and the promise of a settled week. A hard frost this morning, bright sunshine and the day for a good long walk.

(This a view from one of the family favourite picnic spots in the Wye valley from where I started my walk.)

With being away, I have done absolutely no art at all. However, I took a great many photos today, which I hope will be my inspiration to get paining again this week……

(Would these make the basis for an interesting composition or two ……)

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