Chattering classes . . . .

Most days, unless I am walking further, I will take “a turn round the block”, which involves a steep climb up hill, past the fields where my neighbours are feeding sheep. In-lamb ewes, which require a bit of TLC.

The trees lining the fields, and in particular one very large and ancient oak tree on the edge of the road, where the lane begins to climb, of late, has been full of chattering starlings. The birds rise in a great cloud as I approach the tree; only to move on a short distance to settle again in trees further down the field. A portion of the flock then swoop down to the ground to forage around the sheep feeders, until something startles them and, again, they rise in a whirl of wings and anxious chatter.

( The Starling has wonderful iridescent plumagepicture I did a while ago ).

The other noticeable thing outside this week is the snowdrops really starting to make a show. . . . I brought a few into the kitchen . . . . promise of spring . . . .

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