Trying something new . . .

The weather has been so horrendous and so depressing of late, stuck in the house with rain lashing at the windows, I felt I needed a little fillip to cheer myself up. Always up for trying something new I thought I would give “linocut” printing, to make some greetings cards, a go. I bought a taster kit on line together with a few extra 4 x 6 sheets of Lino and got stuck in. I find the paring away of the Lino is very cathartic; just wish my eyesight was a bit better. I found I can easily work on a lap tray in the lounge, in front of the tv, whilst the OH is watching football! Below selection of the first attempts …

First off a simple leaf pattern

Printed in two two parts, laying the background down first, using acrylic paints rather than ink.

More complex subject printed up in ink

One with a little water colour added

Only taking away the minimum to create white plant leaving the black background

…….lots more to experiment with ….

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