Easter holiday thoughts . . .

It’s a month since my last blog and I must say how sorry I am to have got behind with my posts. I have neither had the time nor the inclination to do any “art”or write ; all my time being taken up with a very stressful family health crisis and numerous hospital visits over the last month.

We are now in Covid 19 “lockdown” along with so many other “vulnerable “ people and further planned hospital visits are currently deemed too risky and are under review. So, things have stabilised and calmed down a bit and I actually painted a couple of tiny flower paintings at the weekend for sticking on cards. I am also doing a regular “art lesson “ over Skype with my granddaughter in Switzerland who has been on home schooling for some weeks and I am making an enormous effort to get the vegetable garden to rights as it was some what neglected last year, do some regular exercise and learn another language. So isolated, but keeping very busy..

Easter weekend and the normal family holiday is going to be really weird. No celebration, no seeing loved ones, no traditional church services. One day exactly the same as any other. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet for keeping in close contact with family , friends and neighbours.

Spring is on the way

(Small 3 x 3” watercolour)

The sun is shining after weeks of cold and wet and the garden is suddenly full of colour. It certainly lifts the spirits.

My magnolia stellata in full bloom against a deep blue sky

Keep well, keep safe everyone and thanks for dropping by …..

6 thoughts on “Easter holiday thoughts . . .

  1. And, more time for your art.

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  2. Lovely you are able to connect with Seren with paint brushes! I’m sure it’s therapeutic for you both.

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    1. We have the “pebble painting challenge “ this week. I must go and find some stones…..


  3. Lovely flowers, they really are very cheerful. It’s good to see you’re keeping busy.
    I think the internet is saving a lot of our sanity at the moment, helping us connect with loved ones.
    Sending love to you and yours ❤

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  4. Artistic and uplifting. Do nice to have posts like his in the midst of global despair. Thanks for sharing! x


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